2020 Drama Music Reel

For 8 years (2012-2019), I was fortunate to compose the score for the hit dramatic series, O’ (TVA – Canada). Inspired from the start, I wrote over 1,400 cues that accompanied a wide range of moods and emotions. O’ featured a stellar cast, great directors, and a fantastic production and post-production team.

Here is a small sample of my dramatic music from the show:

Unaccompanied Part 2 – Taken Away

This is the second in a series of pieces that make up Unaccompanied, a long electronic work of mine that is a reflection of my feelings on the issue of detention centres for children.
Outdoor footage by Brenda Keesal.

This track features a Waldorf Quantum, 1973 Synthi AKS, Roland’s TR-8S, the Rain Piano sampled instrument, and a 2011 Telecaster ’52 re-issue, all through an Analog Heat Mk2.